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Living with Adult ADHD

In my view there is no difference if the person with ADHD is educated in a way that suits their brain which helps them to thrive from a young age.

Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Justin timberlake, Bill Gates are some examples of bright self disclosed ADHD entrepreneurs who are clearly highly intelligent. They are all creative with high energy, and essentially work for themselves.

The intelligent ADHD person can be hyperfocused thus hyperinterested in their career. They are often impatient and like to see immediate results. Which can lead to great success.

However sadly many do not thrive in the school environment as its too constraining and it does not give subjects suitable for their neurodifference, so they drop out early or lose interest.

Regarding the undiagnosed ADHD person, though highly intelligent this lack of understanding of how their brain works sadly can lead to them feeling stupid in the school environment as their planning and focus abilities can be affected.

They can turn to addiction to self medicate for their hyperactive brains and to kill the emotional pain of not succeeding or for being bullied for being different.

It is essential our school system identifies those who are neurodifferent and provides them will the supports they require to achieve their amazing potential.

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