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Parenting has always been a challenging journey, but in today's world, families are increasingly feeling the strain of raising a child perceived as 'difficult' or one with ADHD.


Many families grapple with children who exhibit these behaviours, often unaware of their condition due to a lack of diagnosis. My aim is to help families understand their experiences so that they can provide the necessary care and support for the affected child.


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Beyond the Child’s Behaviour

In addition, children often grow up within family systems where the issues at hand go beyond addressing the child's behaviour alone. It's common for parents to be more acutely aware of their child's actions than their own.


Through exploration, many parents come to realise that they unconsciously contribute to the situation through their beliefs or actions. Often, they unwittingly adopt parenting styles from their own upbringing, some of which may not be ideal. I work to help parents understand their own behaviour and, depending on the child's unique background, empower parents to 'correct' or 'reconstruct' the dynamic they co-create with their child.


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Unraveling Behaviour Origins

Throughout the parenting sessions, we delve into the behaviors currently manifesting and seek to uncover their roots. I encourage the expression of feelings related to the impact of these behaviors, particularly on the children who are most affected.


In our safe and open environment, discussions tend to be candid, honest, and respectful, fostering a shift in the family 'system.' I maintain an open-minded perspective and draw upon my extensive knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, considering the unique complexities of each child.


For help unravelling the origins of a child’s behaviour, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

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