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In every relationship, there are moments when things don't run smoothly. These challenges often arise due to differing expectations within the relationship, external issues, or difficulties in expressing thoughts and emotions. These complications can hinder effective communication and understanding between individuals involved.


I bring a wealth of experience and a track record of success to my work with individuals, couples (both heterosexual and LGBTQ+), families, and organizations grappling with various relationship issues. My commitment to this field is so strong that I have developed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses to share my insights and knowledge with fellow therapists.


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Expertise in Key Areas

 My particular areas of expertise include:

  1. Co-dependent Behavior: Addressing situations where one person remains in a one-sided and emotionally destructive or abusive relationship.

  2. Addiction Issues: Tackling challenges that arise when one partner struggles with addiction.

  3. Sexual Intimacy Issues: Addressing both emotional and physical intimacy issues within relationships.

  4. Abusive Relationships: Providing support for individuals dealing with physical or emotional abuse within couples or families.

  5. Relationship Addiction: Helping those who recognize an unhealthy relationship pattern but find it difficult to leave.

  6. Communication Difficulties: Identifying and reshaping communication patterns within relationships to facilitate healthier interactions.

  7. Narcissistic Behavior: Addressing situations where one person's needs consistently take precedence over the other's in the relationship.


For more information on any of the issues listed above, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy


I work with couples whose relationship is struggling unconsciously due to neurodivergency affecting the quality of their communication. I help each to understand this important difference in the relationship, its impact and how to move forward.

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