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In my work, I am dedicated to empowering individuals to take control of their personal leadership journey. I guide clients/participants towards embracing responsibility for the changes they need to make in order to enhance their personal and team performance.


By fostering a shift away from common 'blame mentalities' and encouraging individuals to take ownership of their choices, both in their personal lives and professional endeavours, I help them seize control over their destinies. It's truly remarkable how this empowerment can lead to a profound sense of freedom and self-mastery.

Personal Leadership

For empowering personal leadership counselling sessions, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

Unlocking Your Full Potential

This empowerment isn't just limited to personal growth; it also extends to organizations. Empowered individuals become more productive and cooperative, which, in turn, significantly contributes to an organization's overall success.


For assistance unlocking your full potential, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy


My Expertise

My expertise is channeled into a range of programs designed to empower personal leadership:

  1. Developing The Mentoring Relationship

  2. Communication Skills and Influencing Skills

  3. Professionalizing The Family Business

  4. Leadership and Team Building Skills

  5. Self-Awareness and Team Building Skills

  6. Building Relationships In The Team

  7. Performance Management and Development

  8. Assertiveness Skills


With these programs and my extensive experience, I help individuals realize their full personal leadership potential.

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