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Sexual abuse encompasses undesired sexual behaviour imposed by one person upon another, whether it's a singular incident or a recurring pattern.


It can involve physical contact or be entirely contactless, affecting individuals of any age, regardless of gender.


For professional sexual abuse counselling, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

Lifelong Impact

Many individuals who have experienced childhood sexual abuse hope that reaching adulthood will offer escape and freedom from the pain of their past experiences. Unfortunately, this often proves to be a misguided expectation.


Survivors of sexual abuse typically struggle with trust issues, fear of decision-making, intimacy challenges, and a persistent need for external validation to confirm their worth, intelligence, appearance, or achievements.


For help navigating sexual abuse, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

Addressing the Trauma

Throughout my years of practice, I've worked with individuals to help them confront and process the trauma of sexual abuse. Some clients may not wish to recount their experiences, while others feel a compelling need to have their story heard and validated, sometimes for the first time.


In my therapeutic approach, I prioritize the client's preferences, allowing them to guide the process according to their unique needs. Every person's journey is different, and my aim is to honor the individuality of each client.


For help addressing trauma, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

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