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If you would like to find out more about the topics related to counselling psychotherapy, please watch Margaret Parkes’s educational videos. Both professionals and those who are simply interested in the topic can benefit from the learnings contained in these videos.

From a licensed psychotherapist you will learn about, narcissistic abuse and relationship addiction. These short videos include concise answers to questions such as how to leave a narcissistic relationship. Within the videos, individuals will also learn about oft-misunderstood or misused terms like co-dependency.

Perhaps some of the videos will help you realise that you are experiencing or witnessing some of the issues discussed. You will also have an opportunity to guage if counselling with Margaret Parkes is the right treatment option for your requirements. After listening to her and seeing her on screen, you’ll get a real sense of how scheduling a counselling session with Margaret Parkes may be the first step in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself. You may even decide to sign up for one of Margaret Parkes's many professional courses.

What does narcissistic behaviour look like – Impact on the victim – Observers role

Signs you may be in the company of a narcissist

Co-dependency (Apologies for sound issues)

How do I leave a narcissistic Relationship?

Understanding Co-Dependency - The Lost Self

Narcissistic abuse and its link with Co-Dependency

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