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It's not uncommon for individuals to feel that they are not performing at their best in their jobs or are underperforming for various reasons, despite their capabilities. Other times, individuals aspire to progress in their careers but find themselves feeling 'stuck' and helpless in improving their situation.


For help figuring out career issues, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

Work Performance Issues

I specialize in working with individuals who are grappling with work performance challenges, whether they are within organizations or seeking assistance directly. This typically involves embarking on a tailored program designed to help individuals develop their personal leadership skills. Throughout this process, clients gain awareness of the fears, beliefs, and conditioning that hinder their performance.


This program encompasses several critical modules, including:

Giving and Receiving Feedback: Improving communication and feedback skills for constructive growth.

Time Management and Planning: Enhancing organizational skills and productivity.

Self-Awareness: Identifying and understanding personal strengths and weaknesses.

Self-Empowerment: Building confidence and self-esteem.

Assertiveness Skills: Learning to express thoughts and ideas effectively.

Motivational Skills: Cultivating motivation and goal-setting strategies.


For more information on any of the above modules, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

Career Coaching

While I don't conduct psychometric testing, I collaborate with you to enhance your self-awareness. If there's a disparity between your current career status and where you aspire to be, I can help you chart a path forward.


If you're unsure about your career goals, we can explore your interests and dreams. This process will help you gain clarity about your identity and what you want from your professional life. Conversations about your ideas and emotions can provide insight into whether you are on the right career path and can facilitate a change in direction if necessary.


For professional career counselling services, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

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