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Social anxiety is an overwhelming sensation of nervousness and self-consciousness stemming from a deep fear of scrutiny, judgment, and criticism from others.


Often, individuals grappling with this condition go to great lengths to avoid social interactions due to the immense personal discomfort it brings.


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Empathetic Understanding

I fully comprehend the profound impact of social anxiety disorder, including the fear of conversation, apprehension about having nothing to say, dread of saying something wrong, anxiety over disapproval, rejection, judgment, and the fear of revealing one's true self.


I'm also keenly aware of the continuous concealment of these fears deep within, driven by an underlying sense of shame. This is a subject that holds personal significance for me, as I have faced similar struggles in the past but have thankfully found a path to recovery.


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Our Journey Together

My primary focus is to guide clients in unravelling the roots of their negative self-beliefs and to help them recognise the detrimental impact of their inner self-talk.


Collaboratively, we work on reshaping their inner dialogue and self-perception, enabling them to confidently present their authentic selves to the world.

Empowerment, Freedom and Joy

I work closely with my clients to facilitate the experience of empowerment, freedom, and joy that comes with embracing self-acceptance.


It's a journey that anyone can embark on, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. You too can discover the path to self-acceptance and overcome social anxiety.


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