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When it comes to addressing addiction, it's crucial to acknowledge that it is both a progressive and insidious illness with severe consequences. In my approach, I strive to be forthright yet compassionate, aiming to provide the most effective support for recovery.


Through this approach, I've had the privilege of guiding numerous clients on their journey to recovery. Nevertheless, if I sense that an individual is deeply entrenched in denial or requires intensive, round-the-clock assistance due to the severity of their illness, I will make appropriate referrals to a treatment center.


For guidance with addiction issues, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

Helping Children and Adolescents Navigate Addiction

Addiction, one of the most pressing challenges in our contemporary world, impacts not only adults but also children and young people. The youth are increasingly reliant on various substances and behaviors, including smartphones, online social networks, electronic devices, food, tobacco, and illicit substances. I fully comprehend the profound effects this has on young individuals, their families, and their overall lives.


In my work with young individuals grappling with addiction, I address this issue through multiple avenues. Firstly, I offer support to parents, assisting them in acquiring the specific parenting skills necessary to enhance their child's recovery. Additionally, I collaborate with the affected young person to help them grasp the repercussions of their addiction on their life and develop a personalized recovery plan. I accompany them on their journey towards recovery, with a primary focus on rebuilding their self-esteem and strengthening their ability to self-manage as they progress. This empowers them to make healthier choices and learn how to abstain from addictive behaviors.


I firmly believe that no matter how deeply ingrained an addiction may seem, achieving abstinence is possible. I work closely with individuals affected by addiction to provide them with the best possible chances for recovery.


For help with individuals grappling with addiction issues, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

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