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While family relationships are typically a source of love, joy, and support, they can also become arenas for disagreement, stress, and conflict. Sometimes, these negative aspects of family life become continuous, turning what should be a source of pleasure into something to be avoided at all costs.


In such cases, seeking assistance from an impartial third party can be immensely valuable in helping everyone gain fresh perspectives and progress forward.


For professional family counselling services, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

Experience with Family Conflict

I bring substantial experience to the table when it comes to working with families grappling with conflict, whether in a business or therapeutic context. In certain situations, a coercive controller or narcissistic individual may be contributing significantly to the family's challenges.


However, I've found that the most effective path to resolution often involves taking a systemic view, treating the family as a cohesive unit.


For help with family conflict, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

A Systemic Approach to Healing

The systemic approach I employ seeks to uncover the collective contributions of individuals within the family unit, whether it's a couple or a larger family group. I support each person in recognizing their role in the current situation. Encouraging the respectful expression of feelings, even those that may have remained unspoken for too long, helps build stronger family relationships.

By empowering group members to envision alternative ways of interacting and proposing new behaviors, I have witnessed profound transformations in family dynamics. My expertise in this area is underscored by academic theses I've produced on the subject.


For a systemic approach to healing, contact Margaret Parkes Therapy

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