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Autistic Adults

I work with Autistic adults

Are you an autistic adult or do you think you ‘may’ be autistic? Do you struggle with accepting this diagnosis? I can help?

  • Did you feel alone and different growing up and not know why?

  • Did this cause you to feel lonely, shame or affect your self-esteem?

  • Were you bullied because of this difference just as many of my clients were?

  • Did you mask who you really were for years to be accepted, so much so you lost touch with your authentic self?

I work with people who suspect they are autistic or have been diagnosed autistic. I can send you for a professional diagnosis with a psychiatrist. I can support you with emotional therapy and CBT to help you with the grief, trauma and confusion of your past and help you move forward leaving you comfortable with who you are, thus thriving in your current relationships and career.

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