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Do narcissists have an unusually high sixth sense?

What appears to be a sixth sense in the narcissist is just observations on their part and information you have provided unconsciously.

They do tend to seek out codependent people who look for their approval. We give ourselves away by saying sorry unnecessarily, justifying our decisions and explaining our feelings unnecessarily. This is information the narcissist notes about us and our vulnerabilities.

It's important to also say that the narcissist can choose to prey on strong people too, people that they admire but eventually they become jealous of and want to break down.

The information the person has unconsciously provided will be used by the narcissist to gaslight them to achieve this end.

The good news is that if you are informed you can protect yourself from such a person. They are difficult to spot because they are so covert but once you have identified the red flags that tend to draw you in, this will be helpful.

They are toxic and crushing to our self esteem, all for their own gain or feed so we must see them before they see us.

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