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Do narcissists usually have behavioral problems in school

when younger to the point of needing to be home schooled?

Interesting question because I have wondered about this myself and have discussed this indirectly in my blogs. What if narcissists started out as an undiagnosed ADHD/Asperger/dyslexic students?

Thiis lack of diagnosis may have left them frustrated and angry, unsupported, confused and yes as a result they may have needed to be home schooled.

But can you imagine what the lack of diagnosis would have done for their self esteem and their trust in people and the loneliness they might have endured away from peers?

How can a young person mature into a well adjusted mature adult under these circumstances? I do wonder how much of the outcome is society's fault?

In my my work I meet many young people who present with anxiety and depression and when explored fully by the appropriate professionals we find undiagnosed ADHD, dyslexia, Aspergers or a mix of Aspergers and ADHD. This has affected their self-esteem and their relationships from a very young age. Their relief in finally understanding is huge.

I wonder if every child was assessed for their neurological make up and accommodated accordingly I.e. (educationally/subjects wise/career guidance), would we have less young people dropping out of education early and less addiction issues and suicides in our society. (More covered on my blog and podcast on neurodifference).

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