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Do people with ADHD find any careers easier or any more rewarding than others?

Interesting question because neurodifferent (ADHD) people prefer to be independent (unlike what they were afforded in school- which was conformity- a nightmare experience for some). They prefer to work in a non-controlling system so they tend to choose a career that allows them space to be creative, and one that gives them timely results (due to their impatience for immediate feedback). They like to be their own boss allowing them creative freedom where they have they choice to hyperfocus on their interests. For this reason you will often find them working for themselves and even more successfully so when they can bring the business to the stage where they can employ someone to make up for their own limitations (which can be impulsivity, time management, or planning). If limitations are not recognised the business suffers and so too does the owner's self esteem. The ADHD (neurodifferent) person is often a brilliantly creative person who can see solutions that all too often the neurotypical cannot. Steve Jobs of Apple Computers comes to mind. As in school in their earlier years they need careers (subjects) that are stimulating, active, engaging, creative. Example of subjects and careers I have found that fit the needs of such a person are sales (many like interaction with people), construction, baking, chef, bar work, hairdressing, short term projects of any kind, writing short stories, manufacturing cuddly toys, running equestrian centres, setting up financial services, etc. Many becoming very wealthy. In my work experience subjects or work that are not active, that require a long wait for results and where the ADHD person has no control over their choice of what they do or do not use or find their creative spot they will become isolated or switched off. Can you identify with any of these tendencies. Many of these people left school early because they couldn't handle the restrictions of school, the subjects imposed on them and the restrictions of the environment. It's so refreshing to know that we all can move forward regards of our performance in school once we understand and give our brain what it needs to perform.

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