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How do I become immune to the tactics of my narcissistic family and focus on my career?

Detachment and in some instances no contact is essential if you are not being heard, given choice, being respected or if you are being gaslighted or used for their gains.

We can't change our family members but we can change and reparent ourselves and step out of the roles that we were assigned as children.

If we are enmeshed or codependent on our toxic family though we know they are unhealthy for us, therapy with a therapist who understands these dynamics is essential.

We must understand that many in our family will not change, if you truly understand this then you will have no expectations. This is very empowering.

Expectations gives them power over you. If you accept that there is likely to be no change they will not disappoint you. You will let go. You can then be immune to their behaviour. It is not an easy journey but it is worth it to keep your selfhood intact and for your spiritual freedom.

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