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How do I deal with a jealous family member that is a narcissist that wants me to look bad to other

people because that's the only way she can feel better?

I am wondering why knowing that this person is toxic to be with, do you spend any time with her? Sounds like you might need to work on your boundaries just like I had to.

I am also wondering why they are so fragile as mine were too some time ago? Are you conditioned to accept this behaviour? Are you looking for external validation from family and friends as I did for my sense of self?

This gives them power over us and makes us dependent on them. You can change yourself with therapeutic support from a therapist who understands the dynamics of codependency. This change in you may or may not change them. But this is out of your control. We have no control over people so we must let go of whether they change or not, or they will have control over us again.

Working on our boundaries, pleasing and codependency is so freeing it leads to a life beyond our dreams.

So in short how you deal with the family member is you change yourself. I bet you will find it will enhance the quality and respect you are given re: other relationships in your life too. Good luck moving forward.

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