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How do I decide to stay or go while pregnant with a narcissist?

(I’m 24 weeks along, living in a different province since Dec. 1st, trying to distance myself but he insists on being with me once baby comes, and I feel torn)

From my experience in my work most clients who were unsure and stayed in the relationship because of their partner's insistence regretted their decision.

The more time they spent as a couple with the child the more rights and influence over the child's upbringing they had. Once they know they have you they very often reject you.

Eventually the home environment became so toxic for the child the courts became involved. Hugely stressful for all and very confusing for the child.

I would encourage you to think very carefully about moving in with someone you already know is narcissistic. It would not be healthy for you or your child and once you are in its almost impossible escape.

Keep your distance, if you don't you could eventually regret it.

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