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How do you become less sensitive to being wrong and taking criticism after being raised

in the shadow of a narcissist parent's know-it-all-ISM - where they were "always right" and I was "always wrong"?

It is hard to not feel sensitive to criticism when we have been conditioned to protect ourselves from hurt, having come from such an environment.

In fact it contributes to some of us having rejection dysphoria. For this reason we often hear disagreement as rejection.

It's helpful if we do not go down the rabbit hole of a right/wrong discussion, rather it's better to see things in terms of difference.

It's OK for each of us to have different views and for us just to say “ that's interesting - I see it differently” without going into any justifying or explanation unless we choose to.

The not justifying piece is very important because the narcissist will often try to make you justify yourself causing you stress. Only explain yourself if you choose to.

This gives space for no one to be right or wrong, or for your view not to be discussed with you for longer than you wish.

When I became aware of the dynamics of narcissistic communication, I found handling discussions this way served me well.

I hope it will be of help to you too. Good luck moving forward.

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