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I never understood how a narcissistic parent will desire their child to become codependent,

or mirror and adapt their personality disorder until I discovered I made a child with one. How do you coparent with someone who will use their children?

Yes the narcissistic parent absolutely can make their child codependent on them. They groom them by making them the golden child or they can go the other way and make them feel inadequate and dependent on them, either way the child ends up needing the narcissistic parent's continuous approval in order to feel adequate as a person.

The narcissistic parent gets to have covert power and control over the child leaving the child a lost self.

Please do not collude in this, its a manipulative and destructive behaviour. SUPPORT your child.

When you see this behaviour being played out intervene and ask the child what do they want, help them understand what their own feelings/spirit are telling them they want, and to choose from this, they have a right to their own personal choice.

Support them in standing up to the control of the narcissist. Perhaps you will need to get therapeutic support to help u achieve this. Be sure to attend a therapist who truly understands the dynamics of narcissistic abuse in families.

Good luck with this work. Your are protecting your children's self hood and that of their children's for generations to come.

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