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Is there any correlation or crossover between narcissism and ADHD?

I feel that the behaviours have similarities and I am worried that I may have narcissistic traits.

In my work I find there are similarities and in some cases an overlap between some ADHD behaviours and narcissistic behaviours.

The intelligent ADHD person is creative, willing to take risks, has vision, and they are attractive personalities that draw people to them. They like to be the centre of attention. Not unlike a narcissist.

These qualities of the ADHD person along with their ability to hyperfocus on their interests often help them to become successful and powerful in their chosen career.

It is well known that people with ADHD are at high risk of addiction. This calms their hyperactive brains. So becoming successful and powerful can make their work an addiction and their main priority in life.

This means relationships inside and outside work are not a priority for them because they are focused on their own addictive goals.

This looks narcissistic causing hurt to their families and those who love them. (Steve Jobs of Microsoft comes to mind).

Sadly I have found in my work that sometimes they do then crossover into being full blown narcissists because the power and control addiction has consumed them.

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