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Should narcissists be allowed to hold jobs that entitle them to have power over others,

such as teachers, psychologists, doctors, etc.?

From personal and professional experience I do not think unhealthy narcissts should be allowed to hold jobs that entitle them to have power over others. This in my view includes other professions such as past Presidents, the Judiciary, CEO's, Psychiatrists, Therapists, GP'S, Medical consultants, Teachers etc.

Many have experienced the detrimental effect unhealthy narcissistic people in important consultative roles have had over vulnerable people who require collaborative understanding. When this support is not forthcoming this can cause such disillusionment that some discontinue seeking the help they require at great cost to themselves.

The narcissist does not like to be questioned or to be transparent. Take the cervical smear debacle - cover up - with many women now losing their lives - who made the decision to keep those results from the women - is this narcissism in action?

The narcissist tends to become irrated when questioned about their reasoning or thinking. Their answers can be vague and confusing. When you have a witness to present they can appear to be more collaborative but in reality it can be to create an impression for the witness.

Generally they like to be in the dominant position. This is their fuel and it feeds their ego. We all deserve to feel safe, heard and validated and supported and equal to all professionals - because we are.

We must learn to identify toxic behaviour and learn to believe we are not at fault for asking questions. Though the dismissing attitude of the narcissist can be confusing and cause us to doubt ourselves (gaslighting), we must try take our power back.

Does our educational points system have a part to play in this situation? Could it be that results are measured on academic intelligence and virtually no emphasis is put on “emotional intelligence” in the measuring of people's achievements?

If more people with both ‘Intellectual and emotional’ intelligence had the opportunity to get into these important professions - would we have more suitable people with a greater human conscience working in these positions?

Perhaps in Ireland our current covid leaving cert marking system may allow this change to happen and permit more rounded people onto courses that previously would not have been available to them.

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