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Should one expose a narcissistic professional with a negative review so others are protected?

Or is it better to move on with your life where they no longer have control over you?

Why not do both if you feel that they are not dangerous enough to target you before and after you have left.

But be careful if you feel they have malignant tendencies. I have a client who was in a high profile public job. A gentle personality, she was sadly bullied out of this job she loved very much whilst other high profile people stood by listening to the bullying in their ear pieces day after day. She complained to HR but because of the narcissist's narcissistic injury and her subsequent decision to leave due to lack of change in the situation he vowed to follow her career and cause damage where he could. He carried out this promise. He succeeded in influencing her following two employer’s to remove her from her new positions in the same industry.

The trauma of this experience left this previouly successful and capable woman at 6 stone in weight and with chronic fatigue syndrome and unable to lift her head or leave the bed for three years. This is how dangerous and impactful some narcissists can be.

We need to be on our guard. Some when tackled are pussycats but others are tigers that want to feed off you to the bone. Know the enemy.

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