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What are some of the overlooked symptoms of ADHD?

In my work experience I have experienced a connection between dyslexia, dyscalculia (problem with number/maths) dysgraphia (a difficulty verbalising thoughts to the point point of being unable to express oneself, verbally or in the written word), rejection dysphoria (perhaps due to feeling different and these struggles not being diagnosed causing them not to feel good enough) and the eventual late diagnosis for some of ADHD. Not long ago giving a course in an addiction treatment centre to a group of facilitators most agreed that many who attended their facility were only diagnosed to the dyslexia stage when it was clear that many had ADHD and were unable to stay focused or stop fidgeting in groups for long periods of time. This would cause frustration among some facilitators and others in recovery. Overlooking the symptoms described above would surely cause for some, the re-enactment of the low tolerance they may have received in their childhood. How sad. Could the lack of getting to their core issue and symptoms of ADHD cause their relapse? It's a known fact the brighter the ADHD person the higher their risk is to self medicate with alcohol or gambling and other addictions, to calm their hyperactive brains. This is another overlooked symptom of the ADHD person. For girls/women they can present with different symptoms, they can appear more dreamy or detached and less hyperactive whereas other women can be impulsively verbal. Jumping in with an irrelevant topic to the issue currently being discussed in a group and have difficultyfocusing. Both would affect the flourishing of relationships and effect their self esteem. This can lead to people pleasing which can be another overlooked symptom of ADHD, to avoid being further rejected as often their difference has left them vulnerable to being bullied in school. It's their way of keeping on the right side and accepted by people. They can go in the other direction and isolate to protect themselves from hurt and further pain if they did suffer bullying due to their neurodifference. This leads to loneliness. Again another hidden symptom. Finally but most importantly the person with ADHD can suffer with extreme anxiety and mood fluctuations which are confused with depression (perhaps due to past unresolved personal traumas/generational traumas). These are major ADHD symptoms that can be overlooked by professionals and misdiagnosed incorrectly. I urge parents and the educational system to catch these symptoms early. I believe many lives will be saved and many of these highly intelligent people will be given the correct education/subjects and relationship support to flourish.

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