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What is the practical way to deal with a man who is absolutely conniving,

an abuser, a pathological liar, and a malignant narcissist/psychopath?

There is no reasoning with such a person. Cut off all contact immediately as discretely as you can. Phone, emails etc. Don't allow threats of suicide stop you from breaking contact as this is quite typical. You have no control over what they choose to do so let go.

Be aware he can contact u pretending to be someone else via email. Also be aware of his flying monkeys who will keep him informed of your whereabouts so confide in few.

Get the help from a group like woman's aid to support you because your life could be in danger if he rages at you taking control back over your life.

Keep records of what has taken place for your self validation and discuss them with womens aid and the police.

You might have to go to a safe house because you are at risk of being stalked. His main objective will be to destabilise you and break you down and get you back. He must be exposed for your protection.

If you do not stop contact with this person now this will happen to you anyway over a longer period of time. You have no choice but to get out of this relationship.

I suggest you also get the support of a therapist who understands narcissistic and psychopathic abuse to support you through this challenging time.

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