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Why are narcissists unhygienic and why do they sleep or drink alcohol to excess?

margaret parkes

Gosh there are a number of questions here. Quite the contrary most narcissists are careful about their hygiene and how they appear.

I do wonder if the personality you describe is neurodifferent with a leaning towards ADD/ADHD. Sadly this can go undiagnosed in many people, particularly teenagers and adults.

This personality can find it difficult to self manage or to maintain a balanced life. Their distracted and hyper brains can make it difficult to be consistent in school (focus), work, in relationships and in life generally.

This inconsistency, distraction and lack of consideration can look like it’s narcissism in action. This can cause pain to their loved ones.

Through my work I have found that on further investigation with the appropriate professionals ADD/ADHD and sometimes a mix of aspergers was diagnosed. These people ranged in age from 17 to 56. The 56 year old is now in college for the first time his life.

It is well documented that those with ADHD/ADD are prone to addiction. It is a way of self medicating their hyper brains to the calmness of a neurotypical brain.

I wonder would the lack of diagnosis of so many who are self medicating for ADD/ADHD be the cause of the high relapse rates for those who have been to treatment centres.

It is also well documented that this personality can be prone to depression. This might explain the excessive sleeping.

So the good news is with compassion, understanding and the right diagnosis and treatment this personality if struggling can move forward at any age. Neurodifference is beautiful. The way we handle it as a society is sadly lacking because all to often we fail to identify those who need support at an early stage in their lives.

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